Gustafsson's Gallery / Glacier



A few days in Eventyrisen - Aug 2003: A weekend on one of the most spectacular glaciers in Jotunheimen.

Demmevasshytta - July 2003: We were supposed to be two more, but Lars-Erik and Runar did not make it. We waited for a night and morning, and started to get a bit worried, but they had returned to Finse at 0300 after being stopped by a rapid river at Ramnaberget. Despite of this, we had five days with wonderful weather at Demmevasshytta, refreshing our skills and having a lot of fun!

En velfortjent middag Jotunheimen - July 2001: Camped close to the road going to Leirvassbu, and spent a few days on the northern parts of Smørstabreen.

The ice-tunnel in Rembedalskåkji Courses: As an instructor for Bregruppa/DNT I have spent a lot of time teaching the various aspects of using glaciers as a recreational arena. Trekking on glaciers often expose you to both excitement and beautiful scenery, which makes it very popular during the summer.