Gustafsson's Gallery / Sea-Kayaking


May 17! The first time ever we spent May 17 in kayaks instead of being in the mountains skiing. A trip around the in the media now much discussed Bolærene, being sold to Smiths venner by the Ministry of Defence. We had planned to camp on Bolærene, but found smaller islands in the vicinity being more idyllic. On the last day, May 17, the wind increased to 12 m/s and made it a bit streneous to paddle, so we had a long lunch at Kjøleholmen before heading home.

Sea-kayaking in Bohuslän - July 2003: 10 sunny days in July in the wonderful archipelago between Grebbestad and Smøgen.

Mussel Hvaler - July 2000: Lots of mussels on this weekend-trip to Hvaler.

Our first kayak trip - May 2000: Knut guiding us in the vicinity of Lyngør.