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Christer in the local ski resort. March 06, Aronsløkka: Christer and Per in the local ski resort.s

Ellen on Blefjell Winter: Spring is evolving outdoor. Sunny and warm days, trees getting green, bikes out on the road again - what could then be better than beeing reminded about the cold and dark of mid winter? Skiing in Blefjell and climbing in Rjukan.

May 17 on Flogefonna Folgefonna, May 2002: The without doubt best skiing starts after Easter holiday! May 16-20, DOT Fjellsportgruppe went skiing from north to south on Folgefonna, with the final destination in Rosendal. Several days with fantastic weather, celebrating May 17 on top of the glacier!

Snøhuletur - March 2000: The first trip ever with the KOT 25-35 group. Saturday started out with lovely weather and we easily found a perfect location for the snow caves close to Middalsbreen. Before finishing the caves we made a trip to Jøkulhytta. Well settled in the caves, dinner was made and an Arctic fox was attracted by the smell and came very close!

Josten på langs. Jostedalsbreen - May 1999: A popular trek in May is skiing the Jostedals glacier from the north to the south. In 1999 we had four days of fantastic weather when crossing Jostedalsbreen.

På tur med Kongsberg og Omegn Turistforening, april 1999. Vest-Hardangervidda. Per lager tele-spor i snøen ned mot Kaldevasshytta fra Vossaskavlen. Hallingskeid - Kaldevasshytta, 16-18 april 1999

by Anne Lise Marstein & Inger Berit Grøneng

Utladalen - 1998 Utladalen - 1998

by Christer Gustafsson

The valley of Utla starts from the bottom of the Sognefjord and ends on a plateau at an altitude of about 1350 m. From that plateau well above the tree limit, Hanna and I started our tour in the afternoon on the 26 of August. We had quit the bus on the summer-open road in front of a tourist-hut. The roof was still white on the northern side as where the mountains. The ground was slightly frozen as we started to, but the clouds seemed to promise no rain in the next few hours.